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Adult Swim Lessons & Lap Swimming 

​​​​​Sunshine Swim and Fitness Center offers two programs for adults. We offer adult private swim lessons and lap swimming. 

Swimming is a fun and fulfilling way to stay active, no matter your age or ability.

What you can gain from swimming reaches farther than just learning the basic strokes.

            Builds Confidence

            Great Exercise-low-impact, cardio conditioning, life long activity

            Relieves Stress

            Wonderful Outlet for Family Fun

SSFC is a safe and intimate facility for new and advanced swimmers to enjoy the water.

Sara Vaughn and Kim Amali have been working with adult swimmers of all ability levels for over 10 years. Their success comes from the belief that everyone can learn to swim and that with the right guidance, encouragement and challenge they can even be great swimmers and find a love for water.

Private lessons are 25 minutes long. We recommend 2 lessons a week for 4 weeks for a solid foundation. You are invited to use the facility on alternate days to practice what you have learned during your lesson if you choose. ​The list of items to bring to your lesson is quite short; swim suit, goggles, cap (for participants with long hair), a towel and sunscreen.

Swimming , as anything with anything else, takes hard work and a lot of practice to do well. For some it may come easier than others but as you begin to see your own progress the effort is worth it.

For more information about our adult swim lessons please call us at 916-685-7462

Adult Private Swim Lessons:

Duration: 25 minutes long / 4 Week Sessions

Cost:  $159.00 for One Day a Week (4 Lessons) 

            $295.00 for Two Days a Week ( 8 Lessons)

            $425.00 for Three Days a Week (12 Lessons)

Lap Swimming Information

Lap Swimming:

Availability Tuesday, Thursday and Friday between the hours of 12:00pm & 4:00pm (winter hours)

A designated lane will be available to all swimmers interested in lap swimming. Lap swim is available to swimmers age 18 and older. 

Cost: $7.00 Drop In or 40.00 per month

" I'm an adult and I've known how to swim since i was very young and I'm comfortable in the water. However, I've never had any formal training and use a rather uncoordinated combination of various strokes and kicks. I decided it was time to take some lessons so I could clean up my technique and become a stronger swimmer. Although I belong to a local fitness club I decided on Sunshine Swim Center because I've seen the owners coach children of all ages and all the children have nothing but love and respect for them and I wanted private lessons. My lessons were with "Coach Sara" Sara Vaughn who is the perfect mix of a professional coach and a kind cheerleader. I am so glad I made the decision to go to Sunshine for many reasons. The pool is sparkling clean, odor free and just the right temperature. More than anything else though, is the supportive and enthusiastic atmosphere. It doesn't matter how good or bad a swimmer you are, how old you are, or what you look like in a bathing suit. The owners love the water, love to swim and have a passion to pass those loves along. It's one of the best things to ever happen in Elk Grove!"

Erin Gall Wilton, CA