Private Swim Lessons

SSFC offers one on one swim instruction for individuals who are looking for personal attention. Our private swim instructors have years of experience working with students of all ages and abilities. They specialize in designing programs tailored to a swimmers specific goals. Swimmers who have experienced a traumatic situation in the water can benefit for one on one attention; helping them to regain confidence in a once very scary environment. Private lessons are also a great compliment to group classes. When a student is transitioning from one level to the next a few one on one lessons can boost their skills so he is has a stronger foundation for the upcoming level. Class days and times are flexible and are arranged around the swimmers schedule and instructors availability.

Scheduling Private Lessons
Private Lessons are available year round and scheduled by appointment during all hours of operation

Duration: 25 minutes long

One Day per Week: $159 (4 Lessons)
Two Days per Week: $295 (8 Lessons)
Three Days Per Week: $425 (12 Lessons)
Family Pack: $749 (24 Lessons/Can be divided between family members) 

Semi-private Lessons
Semi-private lessons are a great, affordable option for those looking for the individual attention and scheduling flexibility of private lesson but don't mind swimming with another student. This class style is ideal for swimmers from the same family that have similar swimming ability. Semi-private lessons share benefits of a group class, such as, it's a social environment, students can learn from each other and feel the support of their peers; and in this case someone they already know. They also benefit from the tailor-made lessons that allow the swimmers to advance more quickly, like a private lesson.  Up to three students can share this class.

Scheduling Semi-private Lessons
Semi-private Lessons are available year round and scheduled by appointment during all hours of operation

Duration: 25 minutes long
Cost: $42 per a class (not per student, up to three students split the cost per a class)

"At first, I was a little hesitant to sign up my kids at sunshine swim center because its new and I hadn't heard much about it.  My kids have had lessons at 3 different places so far and so far it has just been a frustrating experience at all 3 places.  So I just decided to sign up for few semi-private lessons as those are really affordable.  Turns out, it was one of the best decisions of my life.  My kiddos and I are loving this experience.  The instructors Sara and Kim are fabulous.  They are great with kids.  They focus not just on getting kids to do the laps but getting them to do it with right technique.  The pool is clean and staff is awesome.  I'll recommend this place to all my family and friends." -Manraj S.


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